Care & Attention

As dedicated cat lovers, we want their holiday to be as good as yours, so you both can totally relax!

We will provide your cat with the food of your choice and fresh water. We keep a variety of brand name wet and dried foods, including Whiskas, Felix, Kitekat, Classic, Go-Cat, Iams, Hills and tuna which suit most of our residents. Owners are welcome to supply any special diets which we do not stock.
We are happy to administer tablets or medicine to your cat if necessary. Prior notice would be appreciated. 
+Cleaning & Hygiene
All pens are thoroughly cleaned after each cat’s stay and all bedding is changed. We use professional vet bed for your cat’s comfort. We have a cattery utility area for washing bedding and preparation of food. 
+Settling In
Regular time is made for cuddles, playing with toys, etc for the cats who want it, kindness and respect for those who don’t. Most cats settle quickly, but additional attention is given if necessary. Owners are welcome to bring any favourite toys that their cat enjoys playing with or any other personalized items to help their cat to settle in. If you need any toys, food, etc, we have a large variety to choose from in our shop.