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  • “Cassie never wants to come home she loves it with Jane and Neil so much, she has at least 3 visits each year and has had an extended stay of up to 7 weeks. She always looks so well and at the ripe old age of 18”.

  • “Our 8 month old cat Milly has just stayed at Heathlands for three weeks and we can tell she enjoyed her stay. The cattery is beautiful and so clean and all the cats are so well looked after.”

  • “We always bring Fluffy to Heathlands. The cats always look happy and cared for, and the cattery always smells so clean!”

  • “I would highly recommend using Heathlands Cattery – we have brought several generations of cats here and they never want to come home.”

  • “We left our two cats at Heathlands for six months while we went to Australia. When we came back they looked so healthy and happy and didn’t want to come home”.

  • “I cannot say enough good things about this cattery and the people that run it. In my opinion, it is the best on the island.”

  • Just brought Asterix back from his holidays, he always receives great care and attention at Heathlands. Wouldn’t take him anywhere else!

  • Jazzy has been on holiday here many times, and we no longer worry about him when we are away as we know he will be happy and well cared for by Jane and her team.
    Plenty of parking for easy drop off and always a friendly welcome and chat when we get in and see Jane.
    Heathlands was recommended to me and I’m so pleased it was, and I’d happily recommend it to any of my friends also.

  • I booked Maverick and Goose into the cattery while I had work done on the house. Excellent service and they thoroughly enjoyed their holiday. Thanks very much for having them.

  • Olaf has been holidaying with Jane & Neil at Heathlands for over 11 years. Jane is a natural with her feline charges and gets to know their little personalities, likes and dislikes. Olaf is so relaxed when we go back to pick him up, just knowing how well he is looked after reassures us whilst we are away and when we return home he quickly settles back in to his usual routine with lots of snuggles and affectionate cuddles. I would absolutely recommend Heathlands Cattery. We’ll see you again soon. 

  • This could only ever be a 5 star review. I have used Heathlands for over 20 years. If you want piece of mind when you’re away, this is the cattery to use. Neil and Jane don’t just own and run a cattery – they care also and your fur babies couldn’t be in better hands.

  • My Siamese literally jumps into his cat box purring when it’s time to go on his holidays to Foxdale! As a self confessed crazy cat lady my cats are the loves of my life. I always feel so comfortable leaving them with the lovely Jane. She looks after them as if they’re her own! The cattery is always immaculately clean and well presented. Five stars from me and my boys!

  • We’ve had all our cats in at Heathlands and would not go anywhere else given a choice – you worry about your pets when you’re off Island but they are in safe hands at Heathlands – our cats have been young and old, placid & barmy, healthy and not so well but have all been treated with the respect and love they deserve

  • Suki has ‘gone on her holidays’ to Heathlands each year since kittenhood, and we wouldn’t send her anywhere else. Jane loves each and every cat/kitten in her care, I’m sure! When we pick Suki she’s well-fed and happy and it’s obvious she’s been looked after as well as at home. Thanks, Heathlands!

  • Fantastic cattery, very clean and great value for money. Jane and Neil are very friendly people and great with their guests! Couldn’t recommend enough!!

  • Thank you so much for looking after our cat Tyson whilst we were on honeymoon. You totally put our mind at rest & he settled bsck into home life straight away. We will definitely be using Heathlands again x

  • Wonderful place for your cats to go on holiday! Seamus has been lucky to visit on multiple occasions over the last 13 years and I’ve always been very impressed at the service given by Neil and Jane. He clearly enjoys his stays, especially meal time, and I can highly recommend Heathlands to look after your cats when you’re off The Rock!

  • Perfect for your cats holiday, a home from home where you know they are safe, cared for & paid lots of attention. Would never consider Sasha having her cat holiday anywhere else. Thanks to Jane, Neil & family for such great care every visit.